The Albion Running Club is a group of community leaders dedicated to improving the overall health of the region.


Board Members

Brian Krieger (President/Executive Director)

Mark Moore (Vice President/Compliance Director)

Margy Brown

Paul Pettit

Tom Rivers

Marc O'Hearn (Secretary)




The Albion Running Club is committed to nurturing the mental, physical and spiritual health of its community by promoting civic engagement through fun, family friendly events and programs.



The Albion Running Club seeks to be an integral part of the community and have a direct impact on its well-being.



The Albion Running Club is a group of individuals dedicated to the betterment of our community and region; we support that vision by promoting healthy activities and increasing awareness regarding healthy lifestyle changes. While the name includes the terminology "running club," we see ourselves as an organization that is not limited to running events or even Albion. We intend to support and promote any event whose core mission is the betterment of the communities we serve.


General Information

Located in Albion, New York

Serving all of Orleans County


Photo Courtesy of MTC's Camerawork

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